ADC Expansion Project Completion Ceremony

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July 25, 2019
ADC Celebrates the Saudi 89th National Day
November 21, 2019

On January 29th, 2019 Arabian Drilling Company celebrated the completion of its extraordinary journey in which it successfully extended its fleet by more than 60% (16 rigs) and established ADC as a leading drilling contractor in the Kingdom.


The newly conducted project included:

  • Built, renovated, and purchased a total of 16 rigs from different parts of the world like China and Dubai and different capacities (from 1200 HP to 2000 HP), we shipped rigs and thousands of spare parts via sea, road and air, and mobilized the rigs to locations and got all equipment commissioned and started them in a safe and timely manner
  • We had the rigs and equipment shipped, cleared and transported to location
  • We welcomed more than 1,800 new employees which increased our headcount by 45%, the new employees were trained and deployed on the rigs safely and efficiently in a record of less than 7 months

While there were lots of challenges involved in implementing this project successfully,

Our biggest challenges centered on people, procurement, logistics & compliance including:

  • Owner furnished equipment procurement
  • Logistics of new rigs and the Owner furnished equipment.
  • Allocation, training & hiring of employees in record time  


For safety & effective compliance, We ensured that all new, reactivated and acquisition rigs were designed and built to meet the HSE standards whereby we were able to sustain our 2018 HSE performance despite starting 16 new land rigs and onboarding a very large number of green hats.

Human Resource

In terms of manpower resourcing, we recorded over 1,500,000 Man Hours during rigs building execution.  Not only did we deliver and Spud 16 Land Rigs to our clients within less than 7 Months successfully, but we also, trained & deployed all new employees in a proficient manner within’ less than 7 months  

This project is guaranteed to:

  • Increase our market share significantly
  • Increase the Asset Value of our company
  • Assist ADC in achieving its aspiration to become a major and regional player in the Saudi Arabia Kingdom

All of these realizations represent the most significant accomplishment in the history of drilling services providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and possibly across the world.

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