ADC Training Programs

ADC Sponsors SPSP
February 16, 2016
Gold Status Award (Second Year in a Row)
December 3, 2017

ADC Training Programs

To achieve sustained growth and to continuously improve Service Quality for a competitive edge in the market, ADC has developed and runs in-house training programs for developing Supervisors in technical fields for our Rig operations in the following disciplines:

Supervisor Development Program (SDP)
Drilling( Assistant Driller)
Maintenance (Mechanics and Electricians)
Supply Chain ( Warehouse Man)
Marine(Barge Engineer)
Safety (Rig Safety Officer)

Technical Development Program (Staff Engineer)

All programs are tailored to develop the required professional competency for all Disciplines
Selected candidates are inducted, mentored, monitored and supported for development
All programs have on the job training (OJT) at Rigs Supported by various training programs run at DTC

Accelerated Development programs
Experienced field personnel with growth potential are selected from within the organization and trained intensively & extensively under the program to become field supervisors
At present 3 accelerated programs are active
DAD (Develop a Driller) – Assit Driller
RSTC Accelerated training Program – Safety Officer
WHM Accelerated training Program – Warehouseman

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