Code of Conduct Training

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June 1, 2019
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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct training is a process of educating ADC employees about ADC’s ethics, standards, and values. It helps ADC employees to understand the importance of discipline, behavior, standards, ethical values while performing  their jobs and promoting a better workplace environment.


The purpose of code of conduct is to develop and maintain a standard of conduct that is acceptable to the company, its employees, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors and other commercial intermediaries. The code of conduct gives a detailed description of the most legal and ethical behavior expected from business.


It will help in building a corporate culture of transparency and integrity based on ethical behavior by complying with internal policies, procedures, external, government laws and regulations. It will enhance the company’s core values, beliefs sets the right culture and builds a company reputation in the market.


It will build trust between the organization and a variety of stakeholders affected by its actions including employees, suppliers, customers, and the general public. It will establish the values of the organization that drives its actions and the principles that motivate decision making.


Code of Conduct awareness sessions started on January 2017. These sessions attempt to cover ADC Head Office and Operation employees; as it will enable employees to comply with the minimum training requirement which  is recorded and tracked in the Training Tracking System (TTS). Code of Conduct training is a continuous process; it will be established on regular basis for the purpose of refreshing existing employee’s minds about the Code of Conduct and ethics awareness and, of course, to educate new employees about it.

Internal Audit Hotline

The ADC Internal Audit Hotline is +966509537766

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