Kitchen Safety

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July 24, 2019
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July 25, 2019

Kitchen Safety

An accident or injury can occur in any part of our home. Some safety hazards are obvious — such as a spilled water on the floor or a water bottle left on the stairs. Others may not so easily identifiable — such as a lose fitting clothing while working in the kitchen or electrical wires and outlets that have been overloaded. Today we are giving you a checklist for your Kitchen for you to check if your kitchen is safe for and your family. To get started, us the checklist below. You should be able to answer “yes” to all of the questions.

Question: Answer: Yes or No
Are knives, forks, scissors, and other sharp tools are kept in a drawer with a childproof latch?  
If your home has a dishwasher, have you installed a dishwasher lock so kids can’t open it while it’s running and can’t reach breakable dishes, knives, and other dangerous objects?  
Have you installed a stove lock and have knob protectors been placed on the stove knobs for both gas or electric stoves?  
 If you have small kids are measures in place that they either cannot reach or operate kitchen stove knobs.  
When cooking, are all pot handles on the stove turned inward or placed on back burners where kids can’t reach them?  
Are glass objects and appliances with sharp blades stored out of reach?  
Is the garbage can behind a cabinet door with a childproof latch?  
Are all appliances unplugged when not in use, with cords out of reach?  
Are all medicine bottles tightly closed and stored in a high cabinet far from reach of children?  
Are matches and lighters stored in a locked cabinet?  
Is the cabinet under the sink free of cleaning supplies, bug sprays, dishwasher detergent, and dishwashing liquids? If these items are stored there are these supplies out of the reach of children or under lock?  
Are all plastic garbage bags and sandwich bags out of reach of children so that they cannot use them as toys?  
Are all cords or wires from wall telephones or cable TV out of reach or secured within wall channels?  
Is there a working fire extinguisher in the house? Do family members know how to use it?  
Do you know that water should not be poured on a grease fire?  
For families using high chairs for feeding small kids, Does your child’s highchair have a safety belt with a strap between the legs?  
Do you wipe up spills in kitchen immediately?  
Do you make sure that your hands are completely dry before touching any electrical appliances and outlets?  
Are Emergency Telephone numbers kept handy close to your telephone?  
Do you always open covers from hot pans in a way to shield you from steam?  

Hope this will help you think about safety hazards in your own kitchens.

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