Nature of Business:

ADC is engaged in land and offshore drilling activities and operates land rigs as well as offshore jack-up rigs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the Partitioned Neutral Zone at the borders with Kuwait. ADC is well positioned to handle the most challenging drilling programs.

Operations Excellence

Our drilling services are backed by over 53 years of operational experience and a history of innovation that has brought considerable safety and efficiency gains to the drilling process, even in the most challenging programs and harsh climatic conditions. We aspire to be the leading drilling services provider in our areas of operation

Operations Compliance

Ensuring Compliance with laws and regulations is paramount at ADC. We have well-established policies and procedures to operate our business effectively. We update our policies, regulations and guidelines to better achieve our business objectives, follow best practices and comply with regulations imposed by the various jurisdictions in which we operate. All ADC employees must abide by the laws and regulations to which ADC is subject, with personal commitment to honesty, loyalty and transparency. Our Compliance department, developed and launched in 2016, ensures that ADC business transactions and processes are executed according to the relevant rules, regulations and company-established policies and procedures. The Compliance department also makes sure that the Internal Control System (ICS) is functioning efficiently and effective lee by driving sustainable improvements. Further, the independent Internal Audit function, established in 2017, reflects management’s commitment to strengthening the ICS.
Our Compliance department ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of ADC’s corporate governance by:
• Reviewing, enhancing and developing ADC policies and procedures;
• Ensuring relevant internal control processes are adequately built into those policies and procedures;
• Reviewing implementation of policies and procedures to ensure their effectiveness and efficiency;
• Ensuring the Code of Conduct is appropriately adhered to in all business activities and that instances of conflict of interest, if any, are properly identified and addressed for appropriate management action;
• Ensuring all business transactions are executed as per the approved authority matrix; and
• Ensuring that ADC complies with all statutory requirements as per local laws and regulations

Service Quality

ADC management and employees are committed to providing the highest-quality services to our customers and exceeding their expectations. Our success is measured not only by customers’ perception of our technical execution, but also by our readiness, safety, communications and service.
Delivering Quality
We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations by involving and empowering all employees in our Quality, Health, and Safety & Environment (QHSE) programs. Our culture is one of continuous improvement in which environmental protection plays an integral role, as articulated in our QHSE Policy. The QHSE Policy and our Quality Management System (QMS) are communicated to all employees, customers, contractors and third parties associated with our business.

Operations Optimization

The Operations Optimization (OO) Department , a performance improvement and standardization initiative, was started by our Operations Compliance department in 2018. We are implementing efficiency training and measures to streamline our efforts, reduce costs, and support operational excellence.
ADC Operations Optimization Department have launched a strategic project called Operations Optimization Insight, which is a project of performance improvement & standardization.

Project Goal

Sustain continuous performance improvement and reduce non-productive time (NPT)

Project Vision

“Procedural Adherence” supports consistent performance and increased reliability. Standardizing the way we work will also enable us to assess competency and operational excellence in a more consistent manner across our operations.
ADC OO (Operations Optimization) Insight is a Semi automated electronic method of detecting and analysing rig activity based on historical data. The objective is to identify opportunities to reduce Invisible Lost Time (ILT- Flat Time) and Non Productive Time (NPT).
ADC OO (Operations Optimization) Insight uses different reporting technologies to perform historical performance analysis to enhance ADC Operations & Optimize to the level of client satisfaction.

Well Duration

Productive TimeNon Productive Time
Technical Limit TimeInvisible Lost TimeTrouble Time
Potential Improvement Time
Potential Improvement Time (PIT) is the time that is available to improve to reach Technical Limit Time, being a combination of ILT and NPT, ADC OOI is working with clients to Optimize the potential Improvement time. ADC OOI by using the technical limit methodology as well as day-to-day well delivery execution is identifying the areas of improvement.

ADC Continous Improvement Process Workflow :