Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Established in 1964, the Arabian Drilling Company (ADC) is a Closed Joint Stock partnership between the Industrialization & Energy Services Company (TAQA) which owns 51%, a Saudi Joint Stock company and Services Petroliers Schlumberger S.A. , a global leader in oilfield services which owns the remaining 49%. ADC’s drilling services are backed with many years of operational experience and a history of innovation that has brought tremendous safety and efficiency gains to the drilling process. Company operations started with only one drilling rig and expanded its rig fleet to 45 onshore and offshore rigs for gas and oil drilling. Our Offshore units including ultra heavy-duty Jack-up outfitted with high specification equipment and capable of drilling in 375ft of water. The onshore fleet ranges from medium to ultra-heavy rigs, capable of handling the most challenging drilling programs and designed to work in harsh climatic conditions supported by a highly qualified and experienced staff. Our major clients include Saudi Aramco, Al-Khafji Joint Operations (KJO) and Schlumberger.

ADC is committed to achieving excellence in performance and quality, empowering our employees, suppliers and communities, and responsibly managing the impacts of our growing business. We strive to integrate all aspects of sustainability into our mainstream operations, to maximize the efficiency and productivity of resources and to minimize practices that may adversely affect the environment, local communities and society at large. We are committed to supporting our employees and the local communities where we operate, through our hiring and development practices, as well as our support for community groups, educational institutions, humanitarian and charitable organizations, national initiatives and other entities.


Expand our Leadership position as a drilling service provider across the region by leveraging on our

financial discipline, best-in-class management, cutting edge technology and sustainable ESG practices


Drill onshore and offshore wells, with operational excellence and highest QHSE standards to keep

energy markets supplied