The 50th anniversary Celebration

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March 12, 2014
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June 2, 2014

The 50th anniversary Celebration

Under auspices of His Excellency Eng. Ali Ibrahim Al Naimi, minister of petroleum and mineral recourses, the Arabian Drilling Company celebrated its 50th anniversary on Wednesday 2nd of April 2014, in the city of Al-Khobar. His Excellency Naimi is accompanied by His Excellency Abdul Rahman Abdul Karim, Engineer Khalid Al Falih, CEO of Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco), Mr Abdullah ibn Nasir Al Hilal, CEO of Aramco Gulf Operations Company and a number of Saudi Aramco VPs and senior officers, in addition to a number of businessmen from the Eastern Province. His Excellency the Minister and the distinguished quests were received by Mr. Mohammad Yousif Rafie, chairman of the board of directors of Arabian Drilling Company., and the company’s two managing directors Mr. Saad ibn Abdullah Al Saab and Mr. Mohammad Umar Loan.

The celebration included a documentary film which embodies the stages of company operations development. At the end of the celebration party, commemorative gifts were exchanged by senior guests.

It worth mentioning that Arabian Drilling Company was established in 1964 as a partnership between the General Petroleum and Minerals Organization (Petromin) which owns 51% of the company’s capital, and the two French companies (Société de Forages Pétroliers, and Société Forex), who own the remaining 49%. After that the share of the foreign partner was owned by Forex Neptune, and then to Services Petroliers Schlumberger S.A, a French company pioneer in oilfield services. In 2003 the share of the General Petroleum and Minerals Organization (Petromin) was owned by the Industrialization & Energy Services Company (TAQA).

Currently, major clients of the company the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) and the Joint venture in Al Khafji.

Vision: To be the leading drilling services solution provider in its areas of operation, according to international standards and to our customers satisfaction.

Company’s business and operations: Arabian Drilling Company is involved drilling works in the areas of on-shore and off-shore oil and natural gas wells, currently within the territories of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi–Kuwaiti neutral zone.

Arabian Drilling Company owns a number of rigs that efficiently works in various climatic and environmental conditions. That had enabled the company effectively handles different work challenges. The company owns 16 land drilling rigs that vary between heavy duty rigs (1500 hp) and extra heavy duty (2000 to 3000 hp). The company owns seven marine rigs (large and extra-large), all of them are equipped with high standard specifications that enable them to operate off-shore up to 400 feet deep (almost 120 meters). There were two multipurpose self-driven marine platforms for oilfields services and tests. Recently, the Arabian Drilling Company was able to build two large off-shore rigs which were manufactured according to the specifications and requirements of the company’s clients in Saudi Arabia, and they were added to the company’s fleet since the beginning of 2014. Arabian Drilling Company is actively seeking to expand its rig fleet at the rate of four rigs annually, according to company’s prediction of market data and requirements.

Human Recourses: Arabian Drilling Company has highly qualified and experienced workforce from more than 30 nationalities. The number of company manpower had exceeded 2500 employees by the end of the first quarter of 2014.

Proudly, the Saudization represents 68% of the total manpower of the company; several of them are occupying senior administrative and supervisory posts.

Training: Arabia Drilling Company owns and operates its own training centre (Dhahran Training Centre), which is the first officially credited training centre in the Kingdom since 1993, by the International Well Control Forum and the association of drilling contractors.

Quality, Health, Security and Environment (QHSE)

  • Arabian Drilling Company is adopting a very strict and serious policy with regard to QHSE, whereas that policy is considered the beating heart of the company’s operations, either inside company offices or on operations on-shore and off-shore jobsites.
  • Arabian Drilling Company is following the quality service culture, which enables it to exceed its clients’ expectations. This is achieved through active contribution and by allowing all company employees to work with the latest technologies in the field of drilling. The company’s culture is based on the continuous improvement, while considering environmental protection as an integral part of its system.
  • Arabian Drilling Company believes that there is a continuous tie between QHSE-based operations, efficient operation, self-motivation, financial success and extensive quality.
  • Compared to its competitors, the Arabian Drilling Company occupies the highest safety ranks, giving maximum care for the environment in various company operations.
  • Since ten years ago, the company occupies the first rank, according to Saudi Aramco standards. The company is proud of its gaining its clients’ satisfaction, with regard to quality, taking into consideration the importance of adhering to high standards of HSE and achieving best results in the field of Salinization in all levels.

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